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A lot has changed since we went online back in 1995, but we are still committed to providing all business websites equal footing. Here you will find unique sites left out of the BIG search engines with a contextual search unmatched by anyone.

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     Keyword Search: This is the most common search and often returns acceptable results. Select this field if you don't know any specifics about the business you're looking for.
Business Name: Select this field if you know the name of the business you're looking for. Searches can also be performed using only part of a business name.
URL: This field is useful when you only know a portion of a desired web site address. For example, you've heard a web site address but only remember that it had "pet" in it. A search of URL with "pet" would return, "http://www.acmepet.com", "http://www.petsmart.com" as well as "http://www.petty.com".
Category: Select this field if you are looking for a specific type of business. For example, a search against this field for "pet" would return listings with categories such as, "Pet Supplies", "Pet Products", "Pet Finding Services", "Carpet", etc.
Brand Name: Select this field if you are looking for a specific product brand name.
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Enter the text string you would like to search for. Quick Search will locate any records where the selected field contains the value entered. For example, entering "pet" would return, "pet", "pets", "pet shop", "carpet", etc.
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