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The Where2GoŽ Story:

Recently Flexible LogicŽ launched a totally redesigned Where2Go.com featuring a more streamlined interface and their latest intelligent server technology. By incorporating real-time consumer feedback Where2GoŽ also addresses one the most nagging problems to buying a product on-line, knowing who you are dealing with and what to expect before you spend your money.

Where2GoŽ has always offered in-depth business profiles including complete address information as well as years in business and other important info. This is now enhanced with consumer ratings providing additional feedback. Now it is easy to learn what business is exceptional and what ones are to be avoided. As with the original Where2GoŽ all of these services are offered free of charge to both the consumer and to on-line businesses.

The Where2GoŽ search engine was originally intended as a technology demonstration of Flexible Logic's intelligent server technology. Where2Go.com went on-line in early 1995, as one of the first database driven intelligent websites.

Where2go was designed to answer the needs of consumers searching for a business or product on the web. Anyone using a conventional search engine knows far too well the inherent problems associated with text-based searching. The user is typically bombarded with hundreds of thousands if not millions of results. It is just not practical to sift through these to find what one wants.

One of the greatest powers of the Internet is the diversity of its content. Yet increasingly only large well-funded e-commerce sites can afford to be featured on the top search engines or shopping portals. Consumers ultimately suffer as their freedom of choice is diminished due to lack of information, and smaller businesses find it impossible to get their sites noticed even if they offer a superior product or service.

Where2GoŽ is different

We only list businesses that are on the web, providing more focused searching with less irrelevant results. Our database is categorized with extensive details on each listing. Where2Go.com is the only search engine that allows you to search by product or service and payment or shipping methods for example. Plus we provide real-time consumer feedback on all listings - allowing the consumer to make an educated judgement prior to visiting a merchant's site.

A recent test search on one of the "top" search engines for pet shops that sell via the internet, ship overnight and accept Discover Card provided an average of 3,174,948 Web pages. The results did contain some petshops but the majority of the listings were not relevant to the search. Similar results were obtained from the other major search engines.

When doing the same search using Where2Go.com's power search, we were given a few dozen possible matches - all of which were pet shops that matched the exact search criteria.
Where2GoŽ is not intended to replace general search engines like Altavista or Yahoo. They are wonderful resources for finding content on the web. If you are researching a specific topic, they are unmatched - however, if you need a specific business or service, a categorized search engine like Where2GoŽ may be a better choice.

Where2goŽ is owned and operated by FLEXIBLE LOGIC CORPORATION. Where2goŽ is registered with the United States Patent & Trademark Office as well as with various international trademark authorities.

To learn more about Flexible Logic visit http://www.flexiblelogic.com

Journalists requiring additional information are encouraged to contact us at info@where2go.com

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